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  • Finally got here thanks for the invitation Lisa
  • I'm curious what the significance of dead rabbits are???
    I had one come to mind when thinking of the medicine wheel Thursday, I saw one while driving home Friday night and last night I had a dream of all the dead rabbits I've seen in my waking life.... there were seven in that dream and that means there have been nine in just a few days. I'm sure about it being nine because at the end of my dream there were nine boxes set up like The Brady Bunch, with the theme song and everything but the boxes were filled with these scenes of the dead rabbits. Totally had a game show feel to it.
    It feels significant but I'm not sure of the message.
    Thank you!
  • I just got an email from a "Lucinda" with the subject "the NY office is calling"
    It was about a bike I just purchased for myself and my husband (brompton) and the New York office was confirming the purchase.
  • Initially I I did not feel call to go to this workshop. I was dating a guy and we went to Calgary and on our way home I was talking about the different workshops that I've been to and then I mention this one but I told them I didn't feel called to go. He responded with I don't know why you wouldn't want to go and learn all that you can learn. We drove for not even another probably 4 minutes and a white rabbit ran out of the ditch and he ran it over. A couple days later I met him at his cousins house for a wing night, when I left I was driving down the back alley and a white rabbit ran in front of my truck. I hit the breaks and it ran in front of me all the way down the alley zigzaging. Finally it hopped I to someone's yard just before I got to the main road.
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    • you need one too
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