This group is dedicated to people who dream dreams beyond symbolic interpretation. Indigenous dreams are meant to be explored and worked through. Shamanic journaling allows us to work through dreams and figure their meaning over time...
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  • It was me, Natza and Okwaho. I feel they were taking some time to point me in the right direction as always when I see them in dreams. I much their student. Okwaho likes to sit just out of my side vision, but I know she is there. We are sitting at a table and Natza shows me a beautiful large Red Amethyst. Ive never seen a red one before. Then, the crystal cracks open and out pops little red balls. He wants me to catch them, and I try my best to. He says to me " you need to develop your personality".
    I feel emotional and weak. More members of the community enter the room. Suzie, Lucinda, a lady with blond hair whose name is Mary embraces me. I see Linda and Jay too.
    I am feeling dizzy and Natza assigns Jay to comfort me. He comforts me as I fall asleep. He is "petting" my head, and his touch puts me to sleep.
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